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Welcome to Smile With Hauwa. My name is Hauwa Lima and I am a qualified dental therapist/hygienist in London offering treatments in South Woodford, Highgate, Chingford and Hainault

I offer a number of services including fillings, teeth whitening and scaling and polishing. I will take your needs and lifestyle into account which will enable me to provide personalised care that will help protect your teeth and improve their appearance.

Dental hygiene is so important because many teeth and gum problems stem from inadequate oral care. I will assist and support you so that any potential issues can either be resolved, prevented or stabilised before they turn into major problems.

If you are looking for dental care or a hygienist in London, please get in touch with me at Smile With Hauwa.

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 My Services

 Dental Hygienist in London teeth whitening

Teeth Whitening

If you wish to improve the appearance of your teeth, I provide teeth whitening that is safe and effective. Treatment is straightforward and will have a transformative effect on any stained teeth. I will also scale and polish your teeth to really optimise your results.

 Dental Hygienist in London  Peridontal

 Non Surgical Periodontal Treatment

Plaque and tartar can accumulate in hard to reach areas which causes bleeding gums and eventually gum disease. Non surgical periodontal treatment involves the use of ultrasonic cleaning to safely remove any harmful materials and safeguard your gums and bone.


 Dental Hygienist in London Scale and polish

 Scale and Polish

When plaque does solidify into tartar, regular brushing will not be able to eliminate it. A scale and polish is the only effective treatment and will ensure that your teeth look and feel great again. Regular scaling and polishing will help repair bleeding gums and prevent gum disease.

 Dental Hygienist in London Oral Hygiene

 OHI (Oral Hygiene Instruction)

Regular appointments with a dental hygienist will ensure your teeth are fully protected. However it is also important that you look after your teeth every day. If you have wisdom teeth, missing teeth or any kind of issue, I'll help you create a personalised care plan which will really preserve teeth and gums.

 Dental Hygienist in London Fillings


I can assess or manage tooth decay that can be resolved with a filling. I can remove any deficient fillings and replace them for both adults and children.

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 Dental Hygienist in London Dental Care


Why Choose Smile With Hauwa?

When you come to visit me at Smile With Hauwa, I take a personalised approach to your treatment. I want you to feel listened to, and if there are any particular issues you have, you will feel completely supported. If you do have any anxiety or phobias, please let me know so I can do everything I can to put you at ease.

Life can be stressful, and it's understandable that your health and teeth can take a back seat, but I will help you get back on track. I'll provide you with a complete care plan that is simple, easy and manageable, and ensure that your teeth are protected against bleeding gums, gum disease and teeth problems.

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 Where to see me

I see patients at 2 dental practices in London:

The Dental Surgery ( The corn exchange 55 Mark Lane EC3R 7NE)

Woodbury Dental Practice (77 Woodford Road, South Woodford, London, E18 2EA)



  Hauwa is the best hygienist so far...

Hauwa is the best hygienist so far, very gentle and friendly. I totally recommend. Samuel A.   |     |  







 Please get in touch with me at Smile With Hauwa, if you wish to book an appointment to see a dental hygienist in London.


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N6 Dental
Chindgord Mount Dental Practice
Woodbury Dental Practice
Hainault Gentle Dental Surgery
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