Well let’s get straight to the point. NEVER USE A HARD BRISTLED TOOTHBRUSH! also known as smokers toothbrush. It can be very abrasive. Brushing hard or using a hard bristled brush can cause trauma to the gums. It can cause tooth wear, resulting in loss of enamel. Which in turn, can cause sensitivity and you may require fillings. So to prevent this, use a soft –medium bristled toothbrush.

But what about the staining?- There are less abrasive ways to remove staining without removing tooth tissue. For this see your hygienist they can give you a tailored recommendation. It is best to use a tooth brush with a small head, this makes it easier to reach the back teeth (molars). The bigger the head the harder it will be to brush the back teeth.

Think about the environment. You are supposed to change your toothbrush every 3 months so that’s like 200 brushes over 50 years. You can go for something biodegradable or recyclable. Visit https://www.thehumble.co/products/humble-brush-adult-white-soft-brisltes For environmentally friendly dental tools.

Remember to brush for a minimum of 2 minutes 2x daily.